Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Hunter and I will make good parents:

God really knew what He was doing when He brought me and Hunter together. It’s crazy when I stop and think how well we balance each other out. We’re so much alike in so many ways, yet we’re two totally different people that complete each other perfectly. I am the common sense side of our marriage, while Hunter holds the huge heart of our marriage. We’ve taught each other SO MUCH through out the 6 years that we’ve been in love. For example:

I’ve taught Hunter how to:

-know when to get the oil changed in his car
-know when it’s time to get his tires rotated and balanced
-write a check
- pay a bill
- wash a car (actually, my dad taught him that one)
- use the ATM
-cook and clean (“properly” is the key word here)
-do our tax return (even though I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t know how)
-be a good steward of our valuable things
-manage our bank account

Hunter has taught me how to:

-have faith and hope
-be humble
-rock climb
-be adventurous
-properly write a song (and understand why it’s the proper way)

I’ve taught Hunter about the bible and he’s taught me how to put it all into action. Hunter introduces me to comedy while I introduce him to history (if you know me, you know I’m fascinated with historical movies, especially based on war). He has taught me how to love all different types of music and I’ve taught him about the people behind the music (especially the Beatles. He might know more than he wants to know…) I’ve taught him when to be serious and he’s taught me when to be light-hearted. He teaches me when to relax and I teach him when to be passionate. I guide him and he corrects me.

We have two separate types of knowledge, but put together I know we will be the exact parents that Gummy Bear needs us to be. Not for a second do I worry about the kind of dad Hunter is going to be, because I’ve been with him since the summer of 2005 and have watched him grow into a better, stronger and more loving person. I also know that having 4 solid years of marriage under our belt will make a huge difference in the kind of parents we’re going to be. And because Hunter and I love each other so much, Gummy Bear will constantly feel that love and know our love for him/her.

Now here’s the fun part! Hunter and I together share physical traits that Gummy Bear will inevitably inherit.

- Freckles
- Flat feet (it’s ok, I’m not worried about this one. With how athletic Hunter is and my ability to run long distance- I think baby will be just fine)
- LOTS of hair (I just hope the baby gets straight hair like Hunter, instead of my stupid kinky hair)
- Full lips (I mean… both of us just have huge lips…)
- A BIG appetite

But I really hope Gummy Bear is so much like Hunter. Dark hair, tan skin, musically talented and I hope Gummy Bear has a perfect little single freckle on the very tippy-tip of his/her nose JUST like Hunter :)