Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Dreaming 'bout the day when you wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you seeeeeeeee?
You belong with meeeeeeee"

Oh, sorry. I love Taylor Swift.

I was making extra money today cleaning my parents' house and was singing that song the whoooole time when a certain little picture popped in my head. It's a photo that I've had since I was 14 so when I got home, I couldn't wait to find it!

If you read my "love story" from earlier posts, then you'll remember that one of my best friends from my freshman wellness class brought Hunter to my attention. This was the last day of school 9th grade and she insisted on getting a picture of him. When she got it developed, we thought it was so funny that I was captured in the picture and Hunter was looking at me. I, of course, was quite the thrilled little teenager when I saw this picture, so she gave it to me! At the time, I could only dream that Hunter meant to look at me that way, but reality told me we'd never be together.

What do ya know,
7 years after this photograph was taken
I married that boy :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

click on this link for footage taken in Japan

click here for heart-breaking photos of Japan's devastation

I believe the beginning of the end is here:

What Are the Signs of the End Times According to the Bible?

People are often so fascinated with end times (I know I am). Jesus’ own disciples were certainly no different. We see that in Matthew chapter 24 (and Luke 21) the disciples asked Jesus about the end times. Jesus replies and gives the following summary of things that must come to pass:

  1. Many will claim to be the Christ (Messiah) or Claim to be Jesus. They will convince some people and lead them away.
  2. There will be wars and rumors of wars
  3. Nation will rise against nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom
  4. There will be an increase in Famines
  5. There will be an increase in Earthquakes
  6. There will be an increase in pestilences (Luke 21)
  7. There will be great signs in heaven (meaning space/the universe) with things such as the sun, moon, stars, etc. (Luke 21)
  8. Christian Persecution will increase
  9. People will increasingly betray one another
  10. People will increasingly hate one another
  11. There will be an increase in false Prophets
  12. Many people will be devoid of love
  13. The Gospel must be preached to all nations, then the end comes.

this morning, I stared out our glass door and said to Hunter "It feels so wrong that I'm looking at a beautiful, sunny sky and across the world, lives are being demolished."
it's days like these when you feel like the world should stop.
you feel guilty that time is still running.
you wonder how we can go about our day knowing that people are stranded, dying, missing and have lost everything.
you feel helpless.

Even though we feel like there is nothing we can do, we're wrong.
We can PRAY.
God created prayer because it's powerful.
God performs great things through prayer.
Please don't think your prayers are pointless- He tells us He will answer us when we pray.
God speed.