Friday, August 14, 2009

who knows how long I've loved you. you know I love you still.

This past weekend, Hunter and I went to the beautiful lake Norris (beautiful, beautifuuulll) with his friends from work. And though the lake was breathtaking, no, I did not take pictures of it. I did, however, take pictures of the two little amazing doggies that accompanied us the whole weekend! (of course I get pics of the dogs and not the lake. of course)

This is Wizzer. He's amazing.

And this is Pumpkin, who is also amazing.

Wait, how did this picture of Vito get in here? He wasn't at the lake... ok, I admit it. I posted it b/c he has made his new bed in our basket that holds our folded blankets. Yup, I'm a dork.

My nephews and I had such a beautiful day last friday. We spent the day at the pool, the park, eating BBQ and an old train station. These black-eyed susies are everywhere in Thompsons Station park. It's probably one of the prettiest parks around. We picked black berries (only enough to eat while we played in the park) and some other amazing wild beauties of nature. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly, the boys truly appreciated God's creation.

Here are some pics from the park.

Then we went to see the old train station.
this is the inside of the old train. really cool!

beautiful farmland in Thompsons Station!

AND THIS is one of those crazy wild flowers I was talking about. Pretty, huh?

Monday, August 10, 2009


me and hunter drove home from the lake last night. we plugged in his ipod and listened to anything and everything. this is one song i havent listened to in forever and every time i hear it, i am reminded of how much i love the honesty in it. i wanted to post the lyrics b/c it's something we all struggle with in our spiritual walk. it's called "of course we've all seen the sun"

I never could explain why I keep coming back... From brilliant lights to a subtle dim; from open fields to walls that are caving in... I don't want to
leave, but I should go.

and that's it! that's the whole song. it was written by a band called this day and age (who broke up a couple years ago. boooo.) and it accurately portrays the back and forth with trying to get that stronghold of a faith in God- whether it be with your heart or flesh.

another great band we listened to, who have also since BROKEN UP (what the?!?!), is called the new frontiers. if you want some amazing chill music, check these guys out! just dont expect any more amazing music to be produced in the future from either of these bands. bummer.

AND ALSO! today is my dad's birthday!!
here is a pic of me and dad trying not to cry as we reach the end of the aisle for him to give me away. he's an amazing man! happy birthday, dad :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthdays, art and mother nature

So I finally finished the guitar pic that Brandi wanted me to paint for the boys room....

Here are some activities that took place while I was painting....

Banana pops!!! mmmmmmm

A lot of sleeping....

I tried to post a video of the boys playing Wii, but it was taking too long to upload. Maybe I'll have better luck another day.

Ta da!!! Well actually, I'm not that impressed with it... It was kind of hard since the only colors I could use were black, brown and white.
Brandi might buy some red paint for me to incorporate into the pic. Probably a good idea!

Now isn't this just a cute little apple?????

Kevin is successfully growing an apple tree right in his front yard!!

I picked one today. I'll let ya know how it tastes ;)

Yesterday was Hunter's birthday!!! He turned 24. I'm two months older than him.... that feels a little weird. I always pictured my husband would be the older one. But it's not that big of a deal! haha :) We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and just had some good old fashioned family time. This is a video of the fam singing "Happy Bday" and of Kasen jumping the gun a little bit on blowing out the candles!