Friday, December 31, 2010

sweet Da

John Mack Knox
December 19, 1919- December 30 2010
My "Da"

He was always so quiet, but the most I ever heard him talk was when he wanted to tell you how much he loved you. The last thing he said to me was "I love you so much." I am thankful for that.

"When we arrive at eternity's shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we'll sing
You're beautiful"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is why I celebrate Christmas...

I see you there hanging on a tree
You bled and then you died and then you rose again for me
Now you are sitting on Your heavenly throne
Soon we will be coming home
You're beautiful

When we arrive at eternity's shore
Where death is just a memory and tears are no more
We'll enter in as the wedding bells ring
Your bride will come together and we'll sing
You're beautiful

-Phil Wickham

my grandfathers

Pawpaw in uniform. 1945, 17 years old

my 91 year old Da

Nana & Da loved Bella

So this morning, Hunter and I opened our Christmas presents from each other because we are leaving for Dallas tomorrow. Here are our presents!

Bella sleeping with her Christmas presents

Hunter's presents:
You can never go wrong with a flannel shirt for Hunter. And he loves Levi 511's, so I got him grey corduroys!

He really wanted a Chemex. He loves this coffee shop in Nashville and that is where he was introduced to them. Apparently it makes the best cup of coffee you'll ever have. I also got him a bag of coffee from the shop.

His fave candy, fireballs and a Cracker Barrel coffee mug!

my presents:
Everybody knows I don't read, but THIS I won't be able to put down. He literally found the perfect book for me! I was already reading excepts to Hunter and I could tell...... he wasn't as intrigued as me, haha!

another perfect gift! All the Toy Story movies!

A necklace with 3 pretty hoops. One is rose gold, one is yellow gold and one is sterling silver.

I love this leaf ring!!

Philosophy perfume. It smells SO GOOD!

We wore Bella out with all the present opening! Here she is sleeping by the Christmas tree :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

just a little thought stirring about my head this morning....
I was thinking about my pawpaw when he rescued a couple in the 60's from a wrecked car, engulfed in scorching flames. I've also got a struggling family on my heart this morning. The two don't seem tied together, but in my head, they are. You see, some people need recognition for their good acts. They contemplate this recognition, this reward, even before the act is done. However, I know that is not the situation in both these cases. Both parties rescued persons from danger. My pawpaw rescued lives from near death. The other party rescued a life from feeling like death. Sometimes people save others without the thought of the risk being made, without the thought of consequences, without the thought of what will be sacrificed. And when the only thing that goes through their mind is "This has to be done now." that's when this act is being made by a Strength much greater than their own.
on a light note :)
Did you know my 4 year old nephew is a comedian? He is. This morning, we had just dropped the older 2 off at school and I got quite the entertainment on the ride home. The usual trip in the car consists of me sipping on my coffee, Christmas music on and Kasen trying to sing along to the Christmas music. Well, I guess he figured out over the course of this season that trying to learn the words to Christmas songs is just too hard. So this morning, he decided instead of singing along, he would add along. Here are a few examples of what I mean:
song: Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock.....
Kasen: Rock? I don't see a rock.
song: Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun........
Kasen: What?! Dis not fun!
song: Now the jingle hop has begun.................. dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell square, in the frosty air.....
Kasen: We're not in a square! Dis air not frosty!
song: What a bright time................
Kasen: It not bright!
song: It's the right time to rock the night away....... giddy-up, jingle horse, pick up your feet...
Kasen: I not a horse!!!
song: Jingle around the clock....
Kasen: I don't see a clock!!
song: Mix and a mingle in the jingling feet, that's the jingle bell, that's the jingle bell, that's that jingle bell rock!
Kasen: I still don't see a rock OR a jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell.......... Ok, are you gonna answer me?
This one was my favorite....
song: Silver and gold, silver and gold. Everyone wishes for silver and gold...
Kasen: What?!?! Not a t-rex, dinosaur, or monster!!!!! OK, they not real.
At that point, I started choking on my coffee and laughing so hard. I don't think Kasen even realized I was listening- he was completely in his own world. But I am OH SO glad he invinted a new way of singing to songs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

special Christmas memories

I have to say, I can't believe this will be the 4th Christmas Hunter and I will spend together as husband and wife! And they just keep getting better... and better...... and, well, you know. I will always remember our first humble little Christmas together in our 500 square foot apartment. We had only been married for 4 months. We loved that little place. One, it was cozy and two, it had a wood-burning fire place. I remember on Christmas eve, I was rushing around trying to find snacky foods to bring to my parents' house on Christmas day because I had forgotten I needed to bring some. The ONLY place open at that point in the evening was K-mart (do people still really shop there???). The weather was frigid and I was stressed after driving all around town. Once in the store, their shelves were about wiped out and the only thing I found was some summer sausage, a block of cheese and crackers. I stomped up the stairs to our apartment in a horrible mood at that point and when I opened the door, Hunter had a surprise waiting for me. There was wood in the fire place, burning a glowing fire and he had bought all the iron tools to build/tame a fire. It was the first time there was a fire burning in our apartment and I pretty much dropped my grocery bags and teared up. We snuggled up under a blanket with some hot chocolate and spent the rest of the evening by our fireplace. It was the perfect first Christmas with my husband.

Last Christmas, he went ring shopping with one of his close friends. His friend was on a mission to buy an engagement ring and Hunter was on a mission to get me a blue sapphire ring. Both boys were successful!! I was so surprised to open my little ring box from Jared on Christmas morning :)

I married such an amazing man!

Last night, we made another special memory. We had our nephews over to open their gifts from us because they leave for Arizona on friday and Hunter and I will be in Dallas on Christmas. I made a big pot of white chicken chili, mexican spoon bread and brownies with buttercream frosting. Kevin and my parents joined us, as well. We sat around the table, sipping wine and talking. Every 2 or 3 minutes, the boys asked "when are we gonna open presents?" After dinner, I served hot chocolate and spiced tea and the boys opened their presents! When my parents and Kevin had gone home for the night, the boys changed into their pj's and I made a big pallet on the floor. Me, Hunter and the boys (plus sweet-face Chase and little Bella boo) turned on Home Alone. It's always so sweet to have everyone snuggling by the pretty Christmas tree, watching a movie. We all slept in a little late this morning! I made blueberry muffins and served yogurt and fresh oranges. Then we realized it was 8:05 and for the next 20 minutes, we ran around trying to get out the door, JUST like the scene in Home Alone. It was pretty funny :)

This afternoon, I had to pick up the older boys from school early because of weather conditions. Me and Kasen were in the car and The Carpenters' "Merry Christmas, Darling" came on the radio. Kasen asked me the sweetest little question.

"Aunt Hea-yer, how you marry Christmas?"

"Ooohhh, buddy, that's not what they mean! When they sing 'merry' they mean 'happy' kinda like happy Christmas."



"But they mean you can marry Santa Claus?"

"No, no. Kasen, not that kind of marry. They are talking about merry, which means happy."

"Oh. 'Cause I can't marry Santa Claus 'cause he a boy?"

"Right...... That's exactly right."

I will never forget that conversation.

Monday, December 13, 2010

snow adventures
with Bella

"This stuff again..."

"It smells ok..."

"Yeah, this isn't bad. It's all good!"

"It's all.... good..... getting..... a little.... high..."

"Too.... high..... getting burried..."

"Ok, yeah. Get me outta here."

i love snow!

It's rather beautiful here in Tennessee :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Everything by Lifehouse

This song came on my ipod during my run today. I literally started balling like a baby (yes, while I was running. I think I concerned some of the construcion workers I ran past.) because
A. it's such a beautiful song
B. it brought back one of the best memories of my life.
It made me remember the day I married the most incredible person I've ever met. My bridesmaids walked to the slower part of the song, and when the song picked up I walked down the aisle with my dad. This song was so perfect to play because it represented the very thing that was going to bind mine and Hunter's marriage together- the Holy Spirit. Originally, I chose to walk down to Helen Stellar's "IO" but then my mom approached me about walking down to "Everything" by Lifehouse. Wow, I'm SO thankful for her idea! The song turned out to be the perfect introduction to the life that Hunter and I now share.

the Coasters - Charlie Brown

I thought about this sweet memory today and it made me smile. My sisters and I used to always sing this song with our Pawpaw when we were little. We would sing the chorus part and he would sing "Why is everybody always pickin' on me?" and me, my sisters and Pawpaw would just get so tickled.
This video is incredible! The Coasters made "Charlie Brown" a hit in 1959. I long to have lived in this era of entertainment.
I have some great memories with that silly man and sure do miss him!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas brings SUCH lovely things....

can't wait to put this little gem on the record player

he is excited to read this classic!

Scooby Doo with Uncle Hunter

Bella says "What's in the box? Can we open it? Can we open it?"

Aunt Nanny (Hunter's great aunt) bought me this lovely tiered candy tray in Chattanooga. It's so special and I hope to pass it down to my children one day!

snuggling with the Christmas blanket

I especially miss Pawpaw this time of year

You better watch out.... you better not cry..... you better not pout, I'm telling you why!
(Chase pouts too much.)

I bought a special ornament from this amazing store last Christmas when we went to Gatlinburg with Cuz D! (photo to come later)

"Who's this funny looking guy? What's this stuff you're putting everywhere?"

It's that time of year for Cuties!!!!! I LOVE eating these little guys!!!

Everyone loves the Christmas blanket.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This time of year is so special and I can't wait for Christmas day. Putting the decorations up and giving presents and knowing the true meaning of why we even celebrate this season is one of the best feelings in the world. It's a time for cold, crisp weather, sparkling lights, hot chocolate, Christmas movies and the reminder of our Savior's humble birth into this world.

Monday, November 22, 2010


An interesting little tid-bit I read on Wikipedia:

"The event that Americans commonly call the first Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive their first brutal winter in New England.[2] The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days, providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans.[3] The feast consisted of fish (cod, eels, and bass) and shellfish (clams, lobster, and mussels), wild fowl(ducks, geese, swans, and turkey), venison, berries and fruit, vegetables (peas, pumpkin, beetroot and possibly, wild or cultivated onion), harvest grains (barley and wheat), and the Three Sisters: beans, dried Indian maize or corn, and squash."

Now wouldn't you have loved to be a part of that celebration? And check out that menu- when did Turkey become the must-cook for this holiday? Oh well. I'm glad it is!

Since it is called Thanksgiving, here are things I am truly thankful for:

First and foremost, I am thankful for a God who sent His Son to be sacrificed on the cross for the sins of His children, so that we can spend eternity in Heaven. We are a mess as His children, but His grace is beautiful and perfect, as well as His love. Without His love in my heart, I would be lost and wondering about pointlessly in this world. I am thankful for the heart beating strong in my chest that does not feel a void, but a joy that is only found from knowing Him.

I am thankful for a truly beautiful man named William Hunter Lamb who loves a crazy soul like me. His talent is endless and his heart is unconditional and sometimes I can't help but think I don't deserve him. The thought of him being in love with me will continue to make me giddy until the day I die.

I am thankful for a family who has been rescued from the grasps of the enemy time and time again. I am thankful for our bond and for our endurance to throw our anchors down in the middle of a hurricane. I thank God each of us knows Him, because without Him, we would have crumbled as a united family YEARS ago.

I am thankful for the reality of Heaven and that I will one day see my beloved family members who have passed on earth again.

I encourage you to write down what you are thankful for this year. It's something we should really do on a regular basis because we tend to take things for granted. Why not start on the very holiday created for such celebrating?

Have a HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

great article written by (my favorite!!) Jon Foreman

read it by clicking here

let's provide for those who are in need this season...

Here are a few ways to be a part of those in need this season. After all, they don't say "Tis the season of giving" for no reason. Let's reach out to those less fortunate and take care of God's people who need help.

The first way I've listed is to make a shoe box for the Samaritan's purse. It's so easy and it goes to children in other countries who otherwise would recieve nothing for Christmas if it weren't for this program. The shoe box drop-off date is Nov 15-22. This is something my mom taught me about back when I was a teenager and there's just something so special about packing little toys, bars of soap and candy in a special little package that will go to a child living in poverty. You almost wish you could be there when these children are given hundreds of little boxes filled with goodies. Hunter and I will be making shoe boxes this year and I will be more than happy to collect boxes for anyone that makes one and bring it to the drop-off location. You can find more information on shoe boxes by clicking on the link below.

shoe box

Hands on Nashville is an amazing organization that provides many opportunities for those looking to volunteer. They created a special guide for areas of need for the holidays. There are TONS of opportunities to help the homeless, needy families, childrens' homes and animal shelters. The link for this guide is below:


The Salvation Army puts up their Angel Tree in almost every mall during this time of year. You simply take a paper angel from the tree and listed on the back is a needy girl or boy with their age and wishlist for Christmas. Just buy the items and return them with the paper angel to the Salvation army. All malls in the nashville area have their Angel Tree up by now. More info is provided on the link below:

Angel Tree

Local police departments also create their own list of less fortunate families, children and singles who are in need of items for the winter/Christmas season. Just visit your police department and ask about their list of people available to help this season.

You may even know of a family personally who won't be able to do much for Christmas this year. I encourage you to do something special for them. Maybe be the "Santa" that they've never been able to have before. Maybe buy them groceries so they are able to make a holiday dinner they've always wanted. They're out there, I promise.

Matthew 25:34-40

Friday, November 12, 2010

a few more blasts from the past :)

I wish Winston still looked like this!
The first band Hunter & Hayden ever toured with:

The twins were SO YOUNG!

look at Hunter in his torn jeans & Underoath hoodie!

I love this pic of Hunter :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


A few new pics :)

This was the day we got all the tornado warnings. I like how eery the picture is, but if you look closely towards the middle, you can see the sunrays from the sun trying to shine.

a very pretty flower at my momma's house

gosh! I belong to the cutest set of parents in the world!!
Masquerade Ball 2010
NOW..... for a few old pictures :)
I was going through my old computer and found tons of pictures. There are SO MANY I wanted to post, but I'd be here all night if I did that! So here's a few that make me smile.
Maybe I'll post more another day..

the day I said "yes" to the love of my life
he surprised me at the airport with a lovely little ring :)

hahaha!!! Puerto Rico mission trip my senior year. I think I'm wearing about 6 necklaces.
Man, I was cool..............

aaahhhh, one of my favorite memories :)
The Fray at the Ryman 2006
and we got our noses pierced.

Our Heart's Hero days!
fall 2005
They were in the studio recording an ep

4th of July 2006

Me and snot nosed Aiden
maybe Thanksgiving 2006?

Erin & Brandon rehearsal dinner
summer 2006
these were the days when Brandon refused to wear anything but Diesel :)

babies!!!!! Just little babies!!
Paramore 2006

Paramore 2006
so young!!!!!!

Me and Hunter summer 2005
LOOK at all that baby fat on my face!!

the very first picture Hunter ever took of me.
summer 2005

my merch days.
May 2006
Look at that ghetto fabulous merch set-up!

Hunter after he bought my ring
December 2006

December 2005
My first trip to Hume

summer 2005
Hunter and Hayden at Hume Lake

spring 2005

Brandon's beginnings of photography!
summer 2006

Winter 2006
I had just blown smoke out of the paper part on a coat hanger
I see so much of Kasen in Kevin in this pic :)

same bonfire night as above
this night was so fun

Aiden and Nolan as cute wittle babies
Kasen wasn't even a thought at the time!

Baby Kasen in his Johnny Jump up
love this pic

Hunter's very last show with OHH
Gatlinburg, December 2005

December 2007
Mine and Hunter's very 1st Christmas as the Lambs
If you're thinking I look skinny in this pic, it's because I WAS........
12 pounds lighter than I am now.... dangit.

Aiden- 2, Kasen- maybe 10 mo's?

baby Kasen.
He was such a squishy baby.
I hope these have made you smile like I did!
It was so fun going through them :)