Thursday, October 28, 2010


A few new pics :)

This was the day we got all the tornado warnings. I like how eery the picture is, but if you look closely towards the middle, you can see the sunrays from the sun trying to shine.

a very pretty flower at my momma's house

gosh! I belong to the cutest set of parents in the world!!
Masquerade Ball 2010
NOW..... for a few old pictures :)
I was going through my old computer and found tons of pictures. There are SO MANY I wanted to post, but I'd be here all night if I did that! So here's a few that make me smile.
Maybe I'll post more another day..

the day I said "yes" to the love of my life
he surprised me at the airport with a lovely little ring :)

hahaha!!! Puerto Rico mission trip my senior year. I think I'm wearing about 6 necklaces.
Man, I was cool..............

aaahhhh, one of my favorite memories :)
The Fray at the Ryman 2006
and we got our noses pierced.

Our Heart's Hero days!
fall 2005
They were in the studio recording an ep

4th of July 2006

Me and snot nosed Aiden
maybe Thanksgiving 2006?

Erin & Brandon rehearsal dinner
summer 2006
these were the days when Brandon refused to wear anything but Diesel :)

babies!!!!! Just little babies!!
Paramore 2006

Paramore 2006
so young!!!!!!

Me and Hunter summer 2005
LOOK at all that baby fat on my face!!

the very first picture Hunter ever took of me.
summer 2005

my merch days.
May 2006
Look at that ghetto fabulous merch set-up!

Hunter after he bought my ring
December 2006

December 2005
My first trip to Hume

summer 2005
Hunter and Hayden at Hume Lake

spring 2005

Brandon's beginnings of photography!
summer 2006

Winter 2006
I had just blown smoke out of the paper part on a coat hanger
I see so much of Kasen in Kevin in this pic :)

same bonfire night as above
this night was so fun

Aiden and Nolan as cute wittle babies
Kasen wasn't even a thought at the time!

Baby Kasen in his Johnny Jump up
love this pic

Hunter's very last show with OHH
Gatlinburg, December 2005

December 2007
Mine and Hunter's very 1st Christmas as the Lambs
If you're thinking I look skinny in this pic, it's because I WAS........
12 pounds lighter than I am now.... dangit.

Aiden- 2, Kasen- maybe 10 mo's?

baby Kasen.
He was such a squishy baby.
I hope these have made you smile like I did!
It was so fun going through them :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I wrote this a couple weeks ago after watching a huge, beautiful house burn down. It's based on listening to some of the neighbors talk about how the home took 2 years to build and the family had only been living there for 6 months. I remember hearing neighbors question why God would allow this.

We stood there right in harm's way
We watched the whole thing go down in flames.
The fire grew high against the black sky.
All we could think was
"Why, God? Why?"
We watched her fight for so many years
Though she was a warrior, we wept an ocean of tears.
Finally healed on the day that she died,
all we could ask was
"Why, God? Why?"
Little girl, a precious gift
placed in their lives and their souls she did lift.
Gone in an instant and as they raised her body high,
all they could scream was
"Why, God? Why?
I was coming from a place where I don't think I was blaming God, but trying to understand His ways. It will be a year on November 2 since my pawpaw died. I still lay in bed at night and think about my aunt Vickie. All I really have to say to Him is "God, WHAT were You thinking?" In late September, we had some family friends lose a very special person. His death was beyond tragic and completely unexpected. He left behind his wife and 4 children. What were You thinking, God? Time has and will heal the aches in my heart. This morning I read the following in Jesus Calling:
The best repsonse to losses or thwarted hopes is praise....
Be prepared to let go of anything I take from you, but never let go
of My Hand!
God has taken and will continue to take precious people in my life. A few weeks ago, I was questioning God "Why?" The hardest thing is to let go of lives/situations lost. For as long as I can remember, I've prayed that the Lord NEVER takes those close to me. I can't comprehend being alive without certain people. So that's why I say it's almost impossible for me to let go- but one thing I do know now is that it is vital to never let go of God's hand. No matter how hard I have to grip.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pretty Fall colors in Tennessee

I hope everyone is enjoying this season!