Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do you ever think about something often, but really never share if often?
The hope of heaven is strange, you know?
While we comprehend the joy that's happening up there, the absence of loved ones physically can seem unmanageable sometimes.
Anyways, I have thoughts that I keep locked inside because, 
A). people don't like it when you're vulnerable
B). these are thoughts that I only allow God to touch, kind of like a secret

But every now and then I'm willing to be vulnerable and allow people to know these deeper thoughts, but only to a certain extent.
So here's my attempt at sharing a reoccurring thought-pattern in more of an abstract manner.

For my aunt:

She had a quiet voice that could calm your soul
She had a selfless heart that was made of gold

And she tried
And she tried
On the day that she died
Her last breath, when she smiled
She was trying

So these tears come and go, falling like the rain
Forming into streams rushing down my face

But I think of her and I know it's true
When you strive on earth, they'll remember you

When you try
And you try
On the day that you die
Your sweet soul sings a song
and you stay alive

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frosty morning

i hope everyone (in town) didn't miss this beautiful frosty morning. 
it was breathtaking!