Sunday, July 26, 2009

this past week's events!

This past weekend, my friend Ashley got married at the amazingly beautiful Oaklawn Plantation in Spring Hill.

had to get a pic of me and Hunter in dress clothes... a rare occasion! (even though we're not even that dressed up)

and look at how amazingly cute Amy is! I want that dress and those shoes...

I didn't get pictures of Ashley's reception b/c I was just enjoying my time there way too much! But her wedding was beautiful and this was such a gorgeous place for a wedding. There were big oak trees everwhere and the greenest fields surrounding the plantation. She had super yummy food and decadent treats and drinks. Dinner under the tent was perfect. It was an event I won't forget!

We left the day after the wedding and headed down to Rosemary beach. Me, Hunter, Brandon, Erin, Amy and Emily were in for such a treat b/c Patrice and Richard blessed us so much with their generosity!! Here are some pictures of the beautiful condo.

This is the courtyard/view from our balcony. The town of Rosemary is such a little fairytale! I did NOT feel like I was in Florida!
and this is where Harry Potter lives..... 

we ran up to the pool on the roof of the condo right when we arrived. We were all in such awe at how pretty everything was!!!

Then we decided to go down to the beach at sunset. It was perfect.

(i am SUCH a nerd in kissy pictures.....)

This is the next morning. We all giggled like little girls when we saw the ocean.

I kid you not- the water was CRYSTAL CLEAR

RED BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the best plate of food I've had in a long time. And I ate every bite.

The view of the rooftops from our pool (if you look super duper close, you can see the ocean way out in the distance)

Sadly, the boys had to head home early. But we made the best of our girl time. We went up to the pool at sunset. Again, it was gorgeous.

We headed home Saturday morning. It was the first day that the weather wasn't cooperating, so were thankful for an entire week of blue skies. We went to the beach to say goodbye.

We were all so sad...

So grateful for an awesome week! For even better pictures of our trip, go to Brandon's blog!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I was gonna just start this blog with the project I did today, but AH HA! I turned my camera on and had found that Hunter had secretly taken a picture of Vito... THIS is significant. You see, Hunter acts like he hates Vito, but here is living proof that he does, in fact, secretly love this little white kitty. Here's my interpretation of this picture: Vito was laying next to Hunter sleeping. Hunter thought "Aaawwwww. Look at Vito, he's so cute right now." and he saw my camera and wanted to capture it on film to treasure for the rest of his life. So there you have it. Next time Hunter talks smack about Vito, I will just reference him to this picture that HE took.


Today, while the little munchkins were busy playing Mariokart Wii, I ventured out on an acrylic painting project, per my sister Brandi's request.....

Here's the beginning part of my picture (please note the glass of iced coffee on the left. I have such an unhealthy addiction...)

My sister wants me to paint a couple pictures for her to coordinate with the boys' room at her apartment. My first picture is of a skull that resembles the pattern on their pillow cases. The second picture I'll paint will be of a guitar.

These are their bed spreads. The colors are light blue, brown and tan. I think they're really cute. They're made by Quicksilver and the pillows have cool patterns, too.

This is Kasen's bed. You can see the patterns a little better.

I love the piece on the end of their curtain rods!

This is Brandi's painting. I love it! The colors she used match perfectly.

This is um..... this is Chase. I just wanted to take a picture of him. 'Cause I love him.

And the result!!!! I was a little bummed in how the bolts turned out, but that's what ya get when you paint free-hand, I guess.... Oh well!! Whenever I get around to the guitar painting, I'll post pics!

Friday, July 10, 2009

watchin' the children and the garden grow...

My Nana...... she jars her own jams and preserves and OH MAN! they are yummy. Today, I made probably the best peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with Nana's home-made grape jelly. Here's to Nana :)

I've been wanting to take pictures of my mom's flowers. She's really been into gardening this summer and her flowers are just beautiful. Actually, these pictures really don't do her flowers justice. They are so much more pretty in person!

This is her rose bush. It looks a little sad right now, but I still wanted to take a picture.

OK! Now for the REAL news! My dad bought a new car today and he was on cloud 9 :) He brought home a beautiful E350 Mercedes. I went over to see it and he let me drive it around Spring Hill. It is quite the car! I'm so happy for him!

Look at him cheesin' !

Tada!!! That's the latest with me!