Thursday, October 29, 2009

heart warmers

These simple things have made me OH SO happy today! :)

Our big, white squishy bed. Never made. Just always squishy.

I love it when God gets out His paintbrush.

He said "A little dab here. A little dab there. Lots of dabs here..."

"Sculpting every move you compose a symphony
You plead to everyone, see the art in me"

I LOVE.....

This time of year. It's like BANG! Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year's! Anyways, I got this in the mail today and I'm ready for Thanksgiving! I just love it because it means lots of amazing food with lots of amazing people.

My cat because he refuses to clean up the mess I made.

Our caricature! This was the wedding favor for Nick and Courtney's wedding. Such a good idea!

These acorn salt and pepper shakers. Can you even believe them?

The cheese dip I made on a whim. I got this sudden crazy urge to make it. I ruffled through my fridge to find some cheese. I didn't have enough of one particular cheese BUT I did have little bits of different kinds. I threw in a few cubes of cheddar, a few slices of white American, some shredded Wisconsin aged cheddar..... all in a pot on low heat and let it meeeelllllt down along with my heart. So good.

Hope you enjoyed the pics of things that have made my heart sing today!!!


One day, I will get creative and start an Etsy site. Right now, I totally have a few friends who could sell their stuff on Etsy and I'm quite confident they'd be successful! I wondered if it was possible to actually be successful on the site, and well, this article answered my question! So I wanted to share it!

Read it HERE.

Hope you find it helpful!! 

(It's almost the weekend!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nolan is 9!

For Nolan's 9th birthday, all he wanted to do was get a good old game of football going!

They just scored a touchdown... you can see victory in their eyes.

Huddle up, guys.

Ok, snack/lemonade break.

Yes, Hunter wore a Packer's shirt on Steeler's game day...

and Kasen.... slept through all of it. If you click on the actual picture, you can see that he's fallen asleep with his finger in his belly button..... little stinker.

Uncle Hunter is about to get sacked by little Hunter!

Yesterday was Nolan's actual birthday. So the family went over to his house and I made a big ol' pot of chili! We had a good time :)

Love my buddy-boy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

it was a cotton pickin' good time

Today was a great day. Kasen's preschool took a trip to the Ring Farm. We got to do lots of really fun things!

We learned how to make butter...
First, you milk your cow.

Then you shake, shake, shake it!

Then you put it on a cracker and eat it up!

After making butter, we headed over to the cotton patch.

We decided not to do the corn maze, but still learned a little bit about it!

Kasen's favorite part had to be taking the hay ride aaallll over the farm!

We had some really amazing views during the hay ride.
I love this picture. It's got five layers: the bottom layer is cotton. The second layer is corn. The third layer is a field. Then the tree line, then the beautiful sky!

Lettin' the wind blow in our hair!

We took a little break during the hay ride to pick pumpkins!

This is Kasen's class. Aren't they sweet?

After the hay ride, Kasen wanted to try out the huge slide!

Somehow, he ended up coming out upside down and backwards. Poor baby, it scared him.... he was done with the slide.

Gotta love a John Deere.

This sweet little kid (from a completely different field trip, with a completely different school) saw me taking picture after picture of Kasen and said "Will you take one of me?" haha!!

This is Kasen's cotton in a jar. Isn't it pretty??

What a fun day!