Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Big Easy

I caught a flight to New Orleans a little last minute this past Monday and returned home today. I hadn't been to New Orleans in 15 years and was so happy to get back and be there reliving memories, especially to share that with my husband.

The beautiful Jackson Square/ St. Louis Cathedral

French Market

Cafe au laits & beignets at Cafe Du Monde

The character of the architecture in New Orleans is my favorite. Some of these buildings are still standing from the 18th & 19th century. What entertains me even more is that these are people's homes. I was able to get lost for a few hours on Tuesday & wondered into a residential area. 
I loved every minute of it!

The most popular homes that were built by the settlers were the creole cottages & shotgun houses. I thought this little shotgun house was incredible because it's basically the same size as this Yaris.

With New Orleans already being so eclectic, there is still restoration being done from hurricane Katrina. These remaining homes are still so unique & beautiful to me.

This particular house was being painted that day... the man painting asked me if I wanted to join him, haha! 
I told him that he's done a beautiful job.

A typical creole cottage. Such southern charm!

Almost every home had cast iron gates on the balconies and gated allies. It felt so secret, that's what I loved about it!

To me, this building represents the epitome of New Orleans.

I found my way to this hole in the wall neighborhood grocery store. In the very back was a deli, so I bought my very first muffaletta. Being such an olive lover, I was in heaven.

This tavern was so old and amazing. Looking in, it looked like an old cellar tavern from Beauty and the Beast. I was told that it's the oldest standing bar in New Orleans.

This man was actually a very talented saxophone player! 
He played right outside Cafe du Monde. So perfect. 

The best guitar tech there ever was ;) 

The band that Hunter works for played at the House of Blues in the French Quarter. It was an incredible show from beginning to end!

The Wild Feathers 
(I LOVE their single The Ceiling)

(Goooooood music!)